Beverage recipe development

WK11 of 2021 ended up great brewing herbal infused beer for preggos.

HerBeer Discovery Kitchen Kickoff Weekend

Even if it still tastes like shit - close to non alcoholic version of fun hungarian unicum - the whole process was so much of learning.

Besides cooking up on the kitchen counter our executives were busy sophisticating our business plan.

See in detail what we have done:

  • The process

    • collect quality material

    • prepare cookware

    • boil up the malt sauce

    • filter

    • heat treatment

    • packaging

    • storage

    • tasting

  • The ingredients

    • malt

    • hops

    • WATER

    • herbs mix

  • The testing

    • color

    • transparency

    • liquidity

    • scent

    • taste

    • effects

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